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Australian standards similar to British standards for nominal loads

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When you talk about formwork systems, there is only 3610. AS1170 lays out a few considerations that you might need to take into consideration. A good publication that I like to refer to is Z36 from the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) that outlines all load considerations and when to use them. 

Z36 - Formwork Handbook - Concrete Institute of Australia

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I believe you are referring to imperfections etc when deigning the falsework. The new DR AS 3610.2 addresses this. It is currently out for public draft. Z36 (mentioned above) is a great design hand book but was published 7 years ago and will need a some updates when it comes to falsework design. The proposed  new formwork standard has a dedicated falsework section.

Public draft period for DR AS 3610.2 closes 06/04/2021

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