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Using mix of bentonite and polymer?

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I have not seen evidence that polymer fluids increase the shaft friction of piles. If there is solid evidence based on pile load testing, it might be an interesting thing to look at. However, I would be very careful with such studies as they might only apply on a project specific basis and might not work on your project. Pile load testing will provide guidance.

Polymer can be used to enhance the performance of bentonite fluids, but the percentage of polymer to be added to the bentonite is low.

I know that some specialist piling contractors have experimented polymer/ bentonite mixes. I know of mixes successes and I would suggest to leave it to the piling companies and support fluid suppliers to advise. The general mechanisms of excavation support and material transport are different for both fluids types. Applying them together requires in-depth understanding of the site specific ground conditions and the fluid properties.


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