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Thoughts on contractors TW designs reviewed by other engineers

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I start with some of the items that can be improved in my view. I think there are too many simple structures and very low-risk structures being independently reviewed by another organisation. At the same time, a lot of organisations have robust internal Q&A procedures. This means that the ‘independent review’ could be carried out in house by another team member. A competency-based matrix could be developed for this to work where competent engineers and consultants can review design work in-house for those low-risk simple design works. This would mean that for low-risk simple and repetitive design elements the design and certification process could be fast-tracked which reduces delays on site.

On a flip side, when things get medium to high-risk it is important to have a fresh set of eyes going over the design. This is especially important when the design codes are not well defined and engineering judgement plays a key part during the design process.

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