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Major risks for re-using TW structures on multiple projects

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There are a number of risks involved such as wear and tear (corrosion, damage, perforation etc.), reduction of load limit over time or losing components and replacing them with different components that might not be meeting the manufacturer's specification or requirements. The designers of proprietary elements usually overdesign TW elements and allow for some of the above mentioned items. Some elements need to be periodically retested, such as lifting beams and equipment to ensure they still meet the SWL or WLL that is specified for the element.

Different TW components pose different risks. Non-proprietary, non certified design elements should be tested before reuse in my opinion, but it really depends on the circumstances.

History can show us a few failures where reused temporary works elements were part of the problem. I would recommend you have a look at the causes of the Barton Bridge scaffold collapse (Manchester, UK, 1959).

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