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Safety factor and deflection limit to consider during design?

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On 2/15/2021 at 4:46 PM, Kiri Robbie said:

Could you let us know the reference standards and regulations for design of riggings? What safety factor and deflection limit should be considered during the design (such as window /light weight rigging).

In Australia design of lifting devices is covered by AS 4991 and used with either AS 3990 or AS 4100.

Minimum factor of safety is an additional 1.5 from AS 4991 (when using with AS3990)

When using with AS 4100 an equivalent total factor of safety is required.

The rigging elements themselves have their own standards for example:

Chains: AS 3775.  Factor of safety 4:1

Wire rope: AS 1666. Factor of safety 5:1

Synthetic round slings: AS4497. Factor of safety 7:1


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