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Shear loads in bolt through timber

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In various contexts it is convenient to support shear loads through an LVL (or other timber) bolted to concrete e.g. to support temporary working deck; wheel stop; timber raking strut etc. Is there guidance or do people have opinions on what length should be taken for the lever arm of the bolt. I have in the past considered 1/3 of the thickness of the LVL above the concrete by assuming the bearing of the timber onto the bolt is triangular, larger bearing at plane of concrete. What have other people used?

In term of analysis, Profis allows you to stand-off the steel plate from the concrete.

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Hi Richard,

Have you looked at AS5216 Post-installed fixings, specifically Clause 'Shear load with a lever arm' and Cl. for some further formulas?

I am under the impression this standard is based on or similar to the ETAG standard(s).  You could also try looking there?  I haven't tried to access ETAG, so let me know if you find anything!



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