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Design Procedural Document

Kiri Robbie

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Question sent by David - I was wondering if there exists a design procedural document (preferably Australian-related standards or others) which outlines the delineation of scope between Permanent Works and Temporary Works engineers. I am aware of Clause 8 in "BS 5975-2019 - CoP for Temporary Works", however unsure if there is a direct correlation to related practices within Australia

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Unfortunately, there is currently no such standard or general guideline (at least none that I know of) that would outline the delineation between temporary and permanent works. Usually it is set by the clients on projects and is passed down to contractors via contracts and contract documentation. This means it can vary from project to project and industry to industry. The best course of action is to negotiate the scope with the client at the beginning of the project.

If you would like to gather more information on procedural control, have a look at the free guideline published by TWf NZ (https://secure.chasnz.org/downloads/resources/TemporaryWorksProceduralControl_GPG_.pdf)

You can also find more reading on this topic on the TWf UK's webpage. I would highly recommend reading documents in the resources folder (Library - Temporary Works Forum (twforum.org.uk)

Lastly, a good Australian based document is the Safe design of structures (Model Code of Practice: Safe design of structures | Safe Work Australia) that outlines the roles and responsibilities of designers. Equally applicable for PW and TW engineers.

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