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AS4687 Temporary Fencing code

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I would note that the title of the heading is 'TESTING' which should not be confused with design. The wind speed specified in the table is minimum wind speed that does not take into the consideration many items, such as design life, importance level, signage/shade cloth on the fence etc. I would recommend using AS1170.2 to establish the wind speed and do a risk management to see whether the fence is used for the right application. For example if the fence is in an urban environment where its failure can lead to safety concerns or the collapse can damage other properties around site it should be considered. If it is in areas where its collapse has no consequence on the greater public on workers, this wind speed can be kept at a minimum.

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I would keep having those arguments. The wind load is only appropriate for when installing hoarding on Mars... 

I don't know what members were on the code committee that put together AS 4687 but my experience of code committees, especially for minor codes that don't attract academics specialised in the relevant industry results in codes that support the suppliers of the product in the given industry. 

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