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Guidance draft - first comments

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Thank you for putting together the guidance document.  I am just having my first read through now.

Initial comments / queries:

Table 1 - stakeholders: do we need to add Statutory Authorities?  For example; Vicroads have some specifications (or a few clauses) related to temporary works.  Or Metro Trains being a stakeholder in the Metro Tunnel project.  If we are also including temporary structures (grandstands, marquees, stages), we need to get Occupation Permits from the VBA.

Table 1 - stakeholders: should we add the public?  This could be protecting the public from worksites (hoardings) or activities (catch decks for crane lifting).  Or a pedestrian diversion which needs to be wheelchair accessible.  


I will try to read again later and see if I can contribute anything.  I am really happy to see documents such as these being prepared, and I look forward to reading the final version.


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On 7/30/2021 at 11:07 PM, Florian Dieterle said:

Hi Shane, 

Yes, I think it is a good suggestion to add client side, statutory authorities, and proprietary system suppliers as stakeholders. Any other suggestions what stakeholders should be mentioned? 



Hi Florian,

None that I can think of right now.  If any more come to mind I will update / repost.



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