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Barnabas Ilko

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Dear TWf CoP members,

We received the following message from the TWf UK recently:

Civil Engineering is planning a special issue in 2023 on the latest developments in temporary works, one of the most challenging yet least recognised fields of engineering.

In addition to providing short-term support and protection for built assets throughout their lifecycle, often on a vast scale, temporary works include non-permanent structures for all kinds of human activity. From field hospitals and demountable stadia to emergency bridges and flood barriers, society has come to depend on the ingenuity of temporary works engineers.

Common to most temporary works design is a detailed understanding of often fast-changing load conditions and a need for safe, rapid and sustainable assembly and disassembly. There is also a significant overlap with permanent works design, as structures that are more resilient to temporary loading conditions need less in the way of temporary works.

The journal is calling for papers on the latest thinking and practice in temporary works, ranging from innovations in planning, design and monitoring to novel methods, materials and applications. They can be in any relevant engineering field, including structures, marine, geotechnical, transport and process, and for any application, from falsework and formwork to ground support, cofferdams, gantries, jacking systems, conveyers and access platforms.

I have attached the slides that were provided with the message. If you are interested in putting forward a paper, please get in touch with me or with the individuals noted on the slides. Once I receive the official call via the ICE webpage, I will post it here.

21 12 10 _ICE TW Special Edition_ TWf_ ASt_Initial notification v 1.pptx

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